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We've been making ceramic bearings since 2004 and were one of the first companies to offer a ceramic bearing.  Below we have linked to several articles we wrote about the specs of our bearings, maintenance, performance, longevity and more. Please take some time to read these articles to ensure you get the best performance and longest life from your VCRC Ceramic bearings.

Ceramic Bearing Info in a Flash! A quick summary of our tech section, hitting just the most important highlights and frequently asked questions.

Ceramic Bearings hand-built in the USA! We build your bearings when you place your order, we don't sell mass produced bearings from Asia.

Do VCRC Ceramic bearings make a difference? Read what our customers have to say.

VCRC Ceramic Tech Data. A break down of each part of our bearings and what we spec.

Ceramic Bearing Break-in Process. Information about how long it takes to break-in your new bearing and what is happening to the bearing during this break-in process.

Ball Grade and ABEC Ratings. These two are often confused, so this article explains the difference and explains which one matters and which one is not important.

Bearing Maintenance. This could be the most important article we have written. Read it and follow it!

Installation. How to guides showing how to install our BBs, wheel bearings, pulleys and components.