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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy VCRC products?

Right here! We sell direct via this website. By selling direct we have cut out several steps in the traditional sales process. This allows us to offer our parts for less than equal quality parts sold in a retail bike shop. Right now when shoppers are trying to stretch their bike budget as far as possible, VCRC offers pro level equipment at less than pro level prices!

Are all of your items in stock?

Yes. If it appears on our website it is in stock unless is specifically states it is a pre-order. There are times when we may receive a large number of orders at once and something may be listed but due to demand we sell out. If this happens we will notify you.

Who rides your parts?

Our parts are targeted to racers and riders who want to ride as fast as possible! Our parts have been raced in all levels of amateur racing as well as the professional peleton! Our parts have carried riders to National and World Championships!

Are ceramic bearings really that fast?

Well VCRC ceramic bearings are. Lately there have been a lot of companies popping up offering ceramic bearings that are slower than a good steel bearing because they are not optimized for cycling. Industrial bearings are not a good choice for cycling.

We started offering ceramic bearings in 2004 long before the ceramic craze started. It was true back then and it is true still today, you get what you pay for. Day after day we get emails and calls from happy customers who are amazed at the difference their VCRC ceramic bearings made.

Do you sponsor teams?

Yes, we've been sponsoring teams since 2004. Please visit our sponsorship page for more details on our sponsorship program.

Are your parts for "weight weenies"?

Yes! Most of our parts combine low weight with a high performance level. We list weights for most items (bars, stems, seatposts, cages, etc.) so that you can compare to our competitors. While we try to make the lightest parts possible we have to balance that with making the stiffest/strongest parts possible.

Do you make custom parts

No, sorry but we do not make custom parts.

Do you have a retail store?

No, we are an online only store. This allows us to offer the great prices you see!

Do you offer local pick-up?

At this time, no. All items have to be shipped. We do not have a showroom or pick-up window. We ship all items.

Is my info safe?

Yes, we use a secure SSL certificate which provides industry standard data encryption of information transferred from your computer to the website.