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Ceramic Bearing Tech Info

We've been making ceramic bearings since 2004. During this time, our bearings have been used by professionals and amateurs alike. From the weekend club ride to the Tour de France, our bearings have helped give riders and edge! Our ceramic bearings use grade 5 silicon nitride ceramic balls (read about ball grade here) mated to our high carbon chrome steel races. We also use specially designed retainers, seals and grease.

Our bearings are often referred to as 'hybrid bearings" since they mate a ceramic ball and steel race. This type of bearing offers a substantial upgrade over steel bearings due to the incredible hardness of the ceramic balls compared to steel balls.

Because of the hardness of the material, the bearing will not deform and it is more durable than a steel bearing. The biggest difference between a steel bearing and a VCRC Ceramic bearing is the roundness of the balls. Our grade 5 ball is much more round than a steel ball and will therefore rotate faster and easier. Our grade 5 balls are round to 5 millionths of an inch. Most steel bearings use balls that are grade 25 and more often even worse.

For arguments sake, say you had a grade 5 steel ball (even though they don't make them that high of a grade) and a grade 5 ceramic ball. While similarly round, the ceramic still has the edge in hardness and durability. The ceramic ball will not deform, flat-spot, crack, wear out and most importantly, will not create heat (friction, very bad!). The steel ball will! Not to mention the ceramic ball will clean the bearing race with use, making the bearing faster and much more durable!

Not sure if ceramic really make a difference? We have had our share of skeptical customers over the past 8 years. Time and time again we have received feedback bordering on fanatical once the customer sees how well the bearings perform. Something so simple as changing your bearings can make such a difference to the speed and quality of your riding.

Changing your BB will result in a higher cadence in a given gear. For those with power meters, think of what that means...more speed! Changing your wheel bearings will result in higher speeds and the ability to maintain your speed in a paceline with less effort. For you racers out there, think about what saving energy during a race will mean when you attack or line up for the final sprint! And the pulleys, that's just the icing on the cake fellow riders!

VCRC Ceramic Bearings are non-corrosive, reduce weight, last longer, accelerate faster and roll smoother, with less friction than steel balls and other ceramic brands. With VCRC Ceramic Bearings, more of the watts you produce are used to propel you forward, not overcome drivetrain friction.

Do Not Miss Out on the Single Best Upgrade you can make to gain more speed!

Every aspect of our VCRC Ceramic Bearings was designed for cycling speed.

Tech Data

Balls - Grade 5 Silicon Nitride Ceramic.

Seals - High Performance Seals

Cyclocross Seals (an option on our BBs) - High Performance Seals that offer more sealing protection but take longer to break-in. A good option if you ride in lots of wet weather, race cyclocross or just want to maximize the life of your BB bearings.

Retainer - High Performance polyamide or steel depending on size

Race - 52100 High Carbon Chrome Steel

Grease - Specially formulated NLGI Grade 2 VCRC Speed Cream or Specially designed Racing Cream (faster and longer lasting), depending on model and options chosen. Our grease is designed to start sticky and then as it breaks-in, it becomes very fast and slick!

Tolerance- ABEC 5

  • VCRC Ceramic Bearings are rounder have up to 15% less friction than steel bearings.
  • VCRC Ceramic Bearings are harder than steel and last up to 10 times longer (with proper maintenance).
  • VCRC Ceramic Bearings weigh less than steel bearings. This aids in acceleration.
  • VCRC Ceramic Bearings naturally push away dirt and contaminants.
  • VCRC Ceramic Bearings are not subject to corrosion like steel bearings.
  • VCRC Ceramic Bearings are cleanable and rebuildable.
  • With specifically designed rubber seals and VCRC Speed Cream grease, friction is some 20-25 times less than regular seals and grease.