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More proof that handbuilt bearings are better

We read the following post recently at a message board:FSA installs the bearing cartridge the wrong way in one of the two the plastic cups for all their ceramic PF30 bottom brackets.background:The FSA ceramic PF30 bearing come with pretty thin grease that doesn't last too long. Of course it is easy to re-grease them with [...]

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What are the differences in our lubricants?

Keep your bearings spinning smoothly mile after mile! We offer four different types of lubricants. Please read below for information on each.First is our VCRC Speed Cream Grease. It is our original grease and long stood as our premium lubricant. It is still very advanced and has been used for over 10 years to make [...]

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The History of VCRC Ceramic Pulleys

7 years ago I released our first Delrin (that's a type of plastic) ceramic pulley. Before that we have offered aluminum and titanium ceramic pulleys. Here's a look at one of our alloy body, ceramic pulleys.The new design was great for the time and in the 7 years that followed, I never felt [...]

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Selling point of sealed bearings?

This summer I was looking at buying a new MTB. When I visited several different shops to see what was available, one thing that came up over and over was that the bike had "sealed bearings". I didn't tell the shops what I do for a living, so I kind of chuckled to [...]

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‚ÄčThe World's only Ridley X-Fire Single Speed (with sliding dropouts that is)

I get a lot of compliments on my custom Ridley X-Fire Single Speed. Before you say it, yes you can buy Ridley's newest X-Fire frame with the PF30 BB and use an eccentric BB to make a nice single speed.But I went a different route. This was my old X-Fire race bike that [...]

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What is a sealed bearing?

There is a lot of confusion about bearings. Not just the difference between ceramic and steel, but the design of the bearing in general. We will be posting several articles clearing up some common mistakes with regards to bearings.First up is the misunderstanding of a "sealed" bearing. Many people think sealed means the bearing is [...]

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Why not full ceramic?

A question we get from customers is: Why don't you offer full ceramic bearings? First, let's explain what a full ceramic bearing is and what a hybrid ceramic bearing is. Both use ceramic balls, so they are the same there. The difference is that hybrid ceramic bearings use a special hardened metal race (hardened [...]

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How we build our bearings in the USA!

How we build our bearings by handAs many of you know, we don't sell pre-built, machine made bearings. A lot of our competitors are sourcing bearings from the far east, buying them as completed bearings and marketing them as a high quality ceramic bearing. On the other hand, we select what we feel [...]

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